Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shop Love: Quack and Dirk in Fairview

I had read about the shop Quack and Dirk in the Sunday Tribune a few months ago when they opened. We put the article up on the wall, and I even rode my bike up to Fairview, which is not far at all from our apartment, but I didn't see it and stupidly didn't look at the precise location. Then it became one of those "things" on my to-do list that clearly I wasn't doing.

Well, as luck would have it, I was walking by yesterday, and there it was! Down this little lane! I saw the sign and was happy at the happenstance. And it was the cutest little store I have ever been in. The entire store is probably smaller than my living room, but nearly everything in there was something I wanted to wear. It had me cursing my unemployed existence! Not the being broke part of unemployment, because actually, considering that her items are either hand made or vintage, they were incredibly priced. But it was more the fact that having no "job" means that I really don't have any reason to get gussied up in new clothes. But if I did, I would buy them all at Quack and Dirk. In my dream world, I would have just such a shop. Her sewing machine is tucked away, and designer Deirdre Cantwell clearly works on projects right there in the store. To me, that sounds like a blissful life.

If you'd like a little inspiration, I highly recommend a visit to this gem of a store -- look for it across from Fairview park.

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