Friday, August 7, 2009

A few picks from here in Dublin

Jennifer Rothwell was born in New York, but grew up in Dublin. I really like some of her newer stuff. The fabrics she sources are getting more interesting and are put together in unique ways.

I mentioned Sinead Doyle in a previous post -- she was in the fashion show I went to a few months ago. I'm not sure these photos do her clothes justice, but I like the way she combines clean lines with busy patterns. She is the newest designer at The Loft in Powerscourt Centre.

This next one will have you wishing for colder weather. Designers Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany at Electric Sheep make me want to run out and buy a knitting machine immediately. They have taken the scarf and the bandana and combined them to make wearable pieces with graphic distinction. But they also do traditional scarves, sweaters, tee shirts, and hats! And I find the prices are quite reasonable, too.

Diana Orving has pieces at the Dublin store Circus, but she is more than just a fashion designer. You can check out her art installations on her web site.

I could go on and on. Dublin has a lot of fantastic designers! Obviously I haven't mentioned the really big names. Maybe I'll do that in a later post! Now if one of them would just hire me as an intern...


  1. That first Jennifer Rothwell dress is incredible! Bandana scarf is a simple and great idea. I'm kind of mad I didn't think of it myself.

  2. Me too! Though I might try to do it myself, I know I couldn't get it to look so nice, especially with some of the more intricate designs. And for the price, it's worth just buying because I know it would take me ages to complete at the rate that I knit!

  3. Thanks for the nice words and from the DFW post too! Appreciate it.

  4. Thanks for the post.
    The Autumn/Winter 09/10 Collection called "Bearface in Kimono" will be in the shops and available online shortly. You can take a sneak peak at
    This is a video of the Bearface in Kimono launch which took place in Kensington, London at the end of June.