Monday, January 24, 2011

A friend of mine gave me a few yards of heavy grey wool. I wasn't really sure what to make with it because the only real outerwear I've made was a men's jacket. Also, my current wool coat is grey and I just got it last year, so I still like it. So I decided to do two things: first, to dye the wool green. Second, to make a cape with it! Well, strictly speaking, not a cape, but a cape-like garment with sleeves, because for practicality I need to be able to wear my backpack with it. Basically, if it were a regular cape, I'd barely ever wear it. My goal was to make something free and easy, comfortable and effortless. But then as I got to looking at other cape designs and drawing, I kind of got off the path. Because I also like designs with a structured element. So now I'm not sure what the heck I'm going to do! I started draping, but then I stopped and am stuck in indecision.

My first pass dying the wool came out too light, so as soon as I have a couple extra euro to get more dye, I will try a second take. In the meantime hopefully this weekend I can decide where I'm going with it and get the pattern finished!

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