Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Sketches for Silk Fabric

A few weeks back I bought some bright royal blue raw silk fabric from a yard sale/flea market place. I think I have about 3 yards or so -- enough to make a dress or a couple of tops. I was going to sit down with paper and pencil and sketch out some designs with this fabric in mind, when I thought hey! Use your fancy wacom tablet and get some Adobe Illustrator practice in! But as I was messing with Illustrator I realized that Illustrator really isn't made for fleshing out ideas. It's really designed for when you have the design complete and you want to draw it up as a vector image for presentation. Despite the name, you can't sketch in Illustrator! So I switched over to Photoshop.

It's silly that I never drew in Photoshop before. I've done a lot of things with Photoshop, but I've never used my wacom tablet to sketch with it. Holy moly is it FUN!!! I made six little sketches, and had a grand old time. It's so much easier in a lot of ways than regular pencils and markers. I am totally hooked. If I had known, I might not have even brought all these darned art supplies with me to Ireland! Here are my little sketches for the blue fabric:

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